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Today's article is a very personal subject.
First a little introduction: I’m Mélanie, 22. I live in Ghent, Belgium. I've studied dramatic arts in High school and since I graduated I have been stuck in this place of not knowing what I want to do with my life. Trying things and failing at them.

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So I hope some of you relate to my feeling. Because lately I have just been feeling incredibly alone in this situation and I really don't know how to handle it. Most of my family and friends are just tired of me and are telling me to just settle with the best paying job because that's life and I basically need to move out. Be independent and settle.

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I love my family and friends but I just came home from my job in Greece after a month because it didn't go well there. And there's already so much pressure to find a new job, I'm already late , I should already be working again and I should just settle and move out.
And I hate it. I’ve been working in sales since I was 16 and I’m done with it . I’ve worked two years full time in stores and I studied a year of tourism.
I’m done with sales . What annoys me though is that Because I tried, university for linguistics two weeks and I went to two info days of international business and I studied only one year of tourism and quit. Because of that now they look at me as if I’m nothing. “She can’t finish anything anyway” . I just think that’s not fair. So what if I changed jobs 5 times in three years, so what if I tried 2 different studies and found out it was not for me. So what if it’s hard for me to find what I love and what my thing is. No one knows …

I just know every time I quit studying and go back to sales I feel unsatisfied and scared to get stuck, the doors are mostly open now at my age so I should go for it. Try new things, find what satisfies me and I get a little closer every time I try something new. It's not a negative thing to change and try. Society/people are so scared of things they don't know or don't understand. They want to be able to put you in a box. The box of a certain job, or the box of married/ dating. And whenever they can't place you anywhere they panic and criticise, demanding you to choose and settle.

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I'm sorry this might be a little rant, but I needed to share it, get it out.
My point though is that you'll be alright, I will be alright too hahah. There's way worse. I'm writing a lot and it helps me. Also trying to eat healthier and sport everyday even if it's only ten minutes. Because it clears my mind, I breath better, like I think and do better. I'm more creative and more productive whenever I sport. And I try to relax and not stress too much or at least I take the time to remind myself during the day . It's not worth stressing over that much, I'll have stomach aches, bad skin and bad sleep and we don't want that am I right? Right now I am considering going back to school to start a bachelor of communication. I'm not rushing, still researching about what I could possibly want in life and how to get to where I wanna be.

Thanks though for supporting me on weheartit. It's my little safe place, my go to for motivation, inspiration and just to make me feel better. I know I haven't been writing every Sunday like I said I would. I'm gonna try now again though to keep it up.

Lots of Love,

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