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Over the summer I spent an amazing week camping in Utah with the fam and I just had to tell you about this little known travel destination because of how beautiful it is!

1. Raft down the Green River

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They offer both guided and unguided rafting tours down the green river and as you can see from the picture, it is to die for. Just remember to grab your sunscreen.

2. Go hiking around the Dam

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There are hundreds of fabulous hiking opportunities around the reservoir. I promise you will feel amazing after spending all that time in nature.

3. Spend the day at Lucerne Swim beach

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I don’t know about you but the way to my heart is some sunshine and water. You throw in crystal clear waters perfect for paddleboarding and you get this amazing swim beach.

4. Hit a FourWheeling Trail

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You can rent mountain bikes or four-wheelers and hit some beautiful trails and find little spots to connect with nature. Just be sure you have the right training and paperwork!

5. Go to the Red Canyon Visitors Center

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Clearly, you can find some breathtaking sights here but the view that blows them all away can be found at the Red Canyon. You can enjoy all its beauty from the glass windows in the Vistors Center or you can hike along the cliffside. Trust me, it's well worth it.

Bonus! Go to Dinosaur National Park
Just a short drive from the dam and you will be able to see a literal wall of dinosaur fossils. It was the most informative and unique part of our trip for sure.

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I hope you get the chance to travel all over and enjoy the world!

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