The worldwide concern of saving the environment is becoming a more commonly discussed topic when it comes to legislative bills and what can be done to combat the devastation of the planet. With everything going on in the world, now is the time to stand up, speak up, and make a difference— whether it be physically changing things or educating others. Now is a better time than never!

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There is a topic based on working on the carbon footprint totals and striving to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted into the air. There’s the conversation about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the possibility of shifting to a renewable electricity grid and then there’s the topic of whether as a whole, we should be keeping fossil fuels in the ground.

No matter what direction we turn, there is a conversation regarding climate change and whether to move swiftly toward a 100% renewable energy economy.

Humanity is placing high stress on environmental structures, whether it be from gas emissions, carelessly killing the ocean with plastic, or not understanding the devastating and irreversible effects of climate change and global warming.

Climate change is real, it isn’t a myth; sea levels rise 3.2 per year and earth polar ice sheets are losing mass, rising temperatures are increasing wildfires around the globe, and we can’t sit back and watch without making a change.

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As we all know, trees are what absorb pollutants through their leaves, and help filter / regulate the air we breathe in. In a sense, they are our second set of lungs, without trees, the world's air would not be nearly as clean nor as healthy as it is. The Amazon reserves 25% of the world’s carbon, what is concerning with this, is not just the oxygen levels, there’s plenty of oxygen in the atmosphere, but how much carbon can be released into the air. All the tress, due to a process of photosynthesis consume the carbon, when the trees devastatingly deconstruct due to the wildfires, the carbon becomes emitted into the atmosphere.

If the carbon isn’t enough to cause people to think about the transformations occurring right now, let’s think about the biological shifts transpiring.

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The Amazon includes various and diverse species of insects, plants, birds, and other forms of life, several of which are unrecorded by science. This biodiversity is at tremendous risk of being eliminated, we can’t reinstate things that aren’t scientifically identified, we can’t replace plants and an ecosystem that may become burnt out / extinct.

The revolution of science can only accommodate for so much loss. Restoring the rainforest is not just about planting new trees and calling it a day, there is a fundamental process that needs to happen, and as humans, we cannot physically do it all at once. It isn’t just the wildfires that cause global consequences, agriculture, logging, and global warming are ALL substantial forces.

Due to these influences, plus the current wildfires, the balance of wildlife, waterways, and plants will not only be disrupted but irreplaceable on a short term basis.

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Losing the Amazon rainforest, our ocean life, and other environmental fundaments, ALL have global consequences.

Now is the time to take into consideration the changes that need to be taken.

It isn't just a fire, it isn't just a forest, it isn't just one straw, it isn't just a planet. It is our home, our future children's' home, and it is OUR duty to protect it from the devastation the best we can.

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