Summer break is nearly over and school start is coming near. Not only do most of us aren’t looking forward to this day it’s normally also a quite stressful time.
So here are my 5 tips for going relaxed into it.

1. Time table/ schedule
This is by far one of the nerve-racking things when it comes to school start. Not only because of your classes and teachers but also because of the people. Mostly you don’t know if you have classes with your friends or not.

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My tip -even when it sounds so basic- just try to not stress out and think too much about!

Time will come and you can’t change your schedule anyways.

2. School supplies
New school supplies are probably one of the more fun stuff for school but, it also can bring stress.
So here are some things you always need to think about.

  • Don’t do it too late!

Personal I like it more when I have already a lot of stuff on my first day of school. So I don’t need to buy it on the first day after school when the whole city is in town buying school stuff.
Pro tip: look through all the stuff you still have and then write a list for all the stuff you still need.

  • Don’t stress over the look/ aesthetic of your supplies

Sure it’s nice to have cute stuff and it also can motivate you more, but looks aren’t all! If you still want cute stuff look on amazon, or in dollar stores… sometimes even they have really nice stuff!

  • Look at the prices

This point isn’t really about school but still school-related. Cute stuff is expensive we all know that. And even if you really want all the aesthetic supplies the look at the money you’re spending! Spending hundreds of dollars on school-supplies isn’t the thing!
Mostly you don’t even need a lot of new stuff because you can still use your old stuff from last years. You don’t want to be angry with yourself or your parents because of the money you spent on school stuff.

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3. Organization
I’m always talking about it because, in my opinion, this is the key to a good everything! And I know some are naturally organized and some are not – but at least we all can try it.
Stuff to help you organize your life is a good planner (not your phone!), an organized backpack and locker and also a good after school routine!

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I hope that all of you who are going back to school/ college has a good start and year of course!

This article was written by @timasiarose on the We Heart It Writers Team