Work requires your sole focus. It requires you to be productive even if you’re tired, hungry, or don’t really feel like it. Performing well at work will open the doors for success in life, but when you’ve lost your focus it can be hard to get it back.

If you want to be the most productive person in the office, smash all your goals and get sh*t done like never before, then you are reading the right article!

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1. Strive for progress, not perfection. For example, say you’re writing a book, just write it. Don’t try to write a best-seller from day one, you’ll need to edit your (let’s face it) rubbish and turn it into gold.

2. Similarly, stop waiting for the right time. There’s never a right time to do anything. If you find yourself putting off a certain task, it’s because you have no passion for it, or you’re procrastinating it. Do it now, not later.

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3. Make a list of all the things that distract you and drain your energy. Cut them out, right now. They take up too much of your time without being productive.

4. Make a playlist, plug in your headphones and get stuff done. Maybe you need classical music to focus, or maybe you like to listen to house music to stay on track.

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5. Set aside an hour for emails and admin tasks. They can eat away at your day if you don’t set aside the right amount of time for them.

6. Mess creates stress. De-clutter your desk, your drawers, your bag, and anything else you need to work with clarity and focus. You can even de-clutter your desktop, empty your trash, and organize those folders.

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7. Set aside one hour only in the evening for TV. Try to divide your evening up and find inspiration by doing new things, reading books, and finding inspiration.

8. Use all the time that you do nothing in. Read a book, learn something new, work on a report, every time you feel yourself doing nothing but scrolling social media. Stop that, and do something productive instead.

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9. Go outside more. The more air you see, the more things you do, the more inspired you’ll feel and the more productive you’ll be. Eavesdrop on conversations, visit new stores, sit outside when the sun is shining. It’ll help restore your energy.

10. Do a digital detox. There’s a beauty in turning off your phone, shutting down your computer and just doing what you want to do.

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11. Find your comfort zone and push yourself out of it. It’s important to try new things and face your fears if you want to get ahead. This is the only way to do anything.

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love always.

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