On the road to my home, the summer flowers faded without saying goodbye. Walking alone still bother me, being habituated to it still difficult for me, it's so boring! The road seems so long, so I started singing, forgetting lyrics and adding others I was all alone so who cares! To be honest, I just wanted to forget you, I wanted to erase you but even if I wanted our memories can't be forgotten!
I couldn't say goodbye so I hide behind the tree, I sat and then cried! It still hurt it still aches I believe I can forget at least that what I think
How much it had been since I called your name but, why your face appears every time I smile? I can't believe how much I grow taller since the last I stand in front that tree who treasured my tears. Looking at the road that I used to walk in with you made me remember I started to walk on it alone! Letting go isn't something easy right! Letting go of a warm hand, which suddenly become cold isn't easy right?

The wind knows how much tears cost to handle a broken heart! That time when I looked back to see if you are willing to do the same, hoping that you'll do the same, but you were already gone! I don't know if because it was hard to say goodbye or because this was your « dream moment »! If so, you should have said it to me, I wouldn't build our  « memories house » that it just collapsed when my hand became cold...
Since I wanted to become stronger I decided to throw away the memories left, but I just couldn't... Anyhow I try, I'm strong for everything except forgetting you!