Hi, this is weird haha. This is my first article and I decided to make a back to school lookbook. I'm starting in about 5 days. I am from the Netherlands and its mostly cold here. So most of these outfits are a bit on the warmer side (dress code appropriate).
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MESSY, this look is a little bit more messy but still very school appropriate.
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Classy, I would consider this look classy. Black clothes and gold or silver jewellery is very classy. I think colorful nails are a nice pop of color. Also having purple or blue mascara is a very subtle way to have a bit more color in your face, without wearing a lot of make up.
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Girly/Cute, this look is very colorful and girly. The green pants makes it a bit less pink but still makes it a soft look. The outfit already has a lot of color so the nails can be very minimal.