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Today I’m posting a new article that’s going to be all about my routine before a performance. Everything I do, at least 5 to 6 hours before a show, a private showcase, or any kind of performance.
To show you exactly how it goes down, I chose a random timeline, so you can follow the « journey » to the stage with me all along.
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Now, let’s begin….

SHOWTIME: 9:00pm

3:00pm - Preparing For It

In the early afternoon, a little bit before 3:00, I start getting mentally prepared for the night. Something important I like to do is I eat a good ol’ snack, so I don’t get hungry before the night's meal and don’t disturb my voice for the afternoon’s preps. If needed, I get dressed in something comfortable, like a cute jogging set, so I can feel good and enjoy rehearsal and stage-check. After that, I usually get in the car and head to the place where the show is being held.

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3:30pm - Stage-Check

Once I arrive, it’s time for what I like to call stage-check. I first see if the way the set is organized and placed is optimized, or if I think we can make it better. Then it’s time to check the lights (veeeeeery important for me), and the effects that may happen during songs or for some particular moments during the show.

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4:00pm - Soundcheck

Now, soundcheck! It’s a very important thing to me too. I love making sure everything is at its best. The volume, the reverb… The sound quality is what’s going to make your music production sound good or bad, and people mostly care about what they’re hearing during your show, that’s why they’re here. They want to listen to music and have a good time, as long as there’s no technical issues, it’s your job to blow their minds if you’re willing to do so. Personally, I do.

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4:30pm - Rehearsal

That time is more specific to rehearsal, dance rehearsal. At that point I usually rehearse without singing, to preserve my voice for the night. So it’s all about choreo, stage presence, gaining full confidence, feeling myself, getting into character and mastering the space around me. So I feel in control and powerful. It’s also the cool moments I use to share a bit with you guys through Insta stories and stuff like that, so you can see my environment a little bit closer and share those beautiful, though nerve-racking, moments with me.

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5:00pm - Home Sweet Home

I’m back home. I try to relax as much as possible. Have a little bit of fun if I feel like it. But resting is super important.

5:15pm - Secret Drink…

I get myself a drink. My fav before a performance : warm water & honey. Super simple but tastes amazing. Honey is not actually very useful for the voice but I like it, so… I drink it!

6:20pm - Meditating

After relaxing well by occupying my mind and doing some stuff. I meditate for 15 to 20 minutes. I usually use guided meditations from Youtube. I don’t have one in particular, it depends of what I’m enjoying at the moment. After that, I just finish packing my bag or whatever I have to take with me.

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6:30pm - Dinner Time

I eat dinner. Usually pasta. Not too much but just enough to have loads of energy and be able to give 100% during the show.

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7:00pm - Glam

It’s the moment dedicated to hair and makeup, I have to admit, that takes time. I arrive at 7:00, so I guess I start with my hair around 7:15. Hair takes a while, and then comes makeup, that takes a while too definitely. But it’s all worth it. I’m able to feel great.

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8:10pm - Vocal Warm Up

My vocal warm up often starts while I’m doing my makeup. It’s a long one, it lasts for 20 to 30 minutes approximately, depending on what I feel I need to work on more or less.

8:30pm - Physical Warm Up

My physical warm up is just about jogging around a little bit, do tiny jumps, stretching (love that), and releasing the negative energies, while filling up with positive ones.

8:45pm - Final Touches

I tape the wire of my in-ears on my back, sometimes I don’t have them but it depends of the type of performance I’m giving. Once that’s done, I can finally get dressed, and add some finishing touches, like earrings, the accessories, etc.. And then, I’m ready, well, almost ready…

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8:55pm - Prayer

I say a little prayer before going on stage. That’s the routine. It’s like that. Let’s pray everyone!

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9:00pm - Showtime

AND IT’S FINALLY SHOWTIME!!!! Nerves are hard to take, but once the light hits you, it just fits, and all the stress you had is relieved instantly like magic. And there comes the fun, the love and the incredible share of energy with the audience.

That’s it!!! I truly hope you enjoyed this article, cause what I shared in it is very personal and close to my heart, so, thanks for reading.
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