Hi darkers! Here is the article with six songs by Shiloh Dynasty.

Shiloh Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1wxPItEzr7U7rGSMPqZ25r?si=-4jukPZtSJyq8VQ7CLSdPA

I will leave you the lyrics, I will put the originals.

1: Black and blue


Sometimes I don't know,
what to do,
you turn my heart black and blue,
oh you.

2: Shading You

Shading you
Oh Oh Oh
Bad Girl

3: Love You

Can I,
Can I,
Can I,
love you,
What you do

4: You weren't special

It's personal
You ain't shit
You weren't special
Till that made
You so...

5: The Motion (Cover)

I guess that just
The motion

6: Your favorite song (Cover)

Take that shirt off
Let that dress fall
Un strap that bra

These are one of the shortest Shiloh songs, not even fifteen seconds pass, you will have another list and a small biography of who Shiloh is, where she is, where she is from and why she has left his social networks, since I have a lot of REAL information about Shiloh.

This article will be in Spanish and German very soon.

Thank you for watching and enjoy!