It may be a short trend but I actually really enjoy putting out content about internships and the professional life. Since the bigger part of the community on weheartit is probably a lot younger than I am, there are almost no articles or posts relevant to internships. Hence why I've decided to write another article about it! Today: what my ideal office would look like.

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I can't resist the charm of older buildings! They show so much more character and hold history merely in the way they proudly survive time.
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First of all, I'd love for my future office to be located in an old building, with big windows, preferably in a big city but close to a park or some green avenue. Best of both worlds, right?
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I have this love for old wooden desks that will probably never go away. Just looking at them, motivates you to get started right away! I have this ultimate dream to renovate an old house, strip it completely but keeping some of the older elements like the floors, staircases, tiles... Just imagine a hard wooden floor, an antique desk and furthermore completely blank walls!
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Plants make everything just a little better, don't they? A fresh bouqet of flowers on my desk would be absolute goals.
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