Helooo guys. I'm little unicorn :) This is my third articlee.Ιn a few days the schools start😪😣...So let's begin.

School supplies~
Notebooks, stabilo, stylo, pencils, post-it, pencil case,bag, e.t.c ❤️

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Be organized~

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To be organized is very important. You must to have a organized office, notebooks,books and much for the school / college because you need to know where are the books. Also, when you have organized supplies it's more "happy to study"

Have a programme~

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Have a daily programme for your school,lessons and the rest.

These are the most important. Too, you must have patience.So, I wish you have an amazing school year.Thank you for my third article in the we Heart it. I hope to write more and I hope you liked it :) (sorry if I do any mistake ) bye guysss

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