Hi darkiers!
This is my first article here! I hope you like it, and enjoy that.

IG: @giodark__
Youtube Channel: Gio Dark.

This is my presentation, and a few hours of uploading this little article about some things you will see here we will have a small list with "dark" songs from "Shiloh Dynasty".

In this article channel you can see songs for some occasion, "dark" or "depressive" songs that is what dark entails, lyrics of both depressive songs, and other types of music, both sought-after and made outfits for me (also you will have it on my Instagram @giodark__), dark backgrounds, brown, or aesthetics landscapes, and some photo edits made by me.

You will also find tips for school, Christmas, summer, spring and more.

This article will be in Spanish and German very soon.

Thank you for watching and enjoy!