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MEANING: “gift” in Hebrew, the biblical Jesse was the father of King David
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MEANING: "mind," Five Dukes of Bourgogne were called Hugo, one of whom, Hugo Capeto became King of France.
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MEANING: "red-haired." The name originated as a nickname for someone which red hair or with a red, ruddy complexion.
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MEANING: "little fire." With the same pronunciation but a different spelling Zeden means virtue in old Dutch.
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MEANING: "God spear, or deer-lover or champion warrior." Of English, Irish origin.
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MEANING: "ash tree". Of English origin.
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MEANING: is a slight modification of the English surname Cade, derived from the medieval epithet “Cada” which itself originated from a Germanic word meaning "round, lumpy."
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MEANING: "keeper of the keys, earth, narrow, or straight." Is of Welsh, Scandinavian, Greek, and Gaelic origin.