summer is leaving
the leaves fall slowly down and turn orange
you light an apple cinnamon or vanilla pumpkin scented candle
fluffy pillows and a big, knitted blanket lay on your bed
you wear your favourite sweater and black sweatpants
you've made yourself a cup of chai latte and want to relax a little bit by reading a book
fall is coming
you feel cozy but there is one thing you miss:
an aesthetic playlist with soft indie vibes!
but don't worry, here you have one:

another life - Mogli
the little things - Colbie Caillat
paris in the rain - Lauv
sparks will fly - J. Cole
thoughts - Sasha Sloan

boyz n poizn - Phoebe Ryan
feelings are fatal - mxmtoon
by now - Will Jay
let me down slowly - Alec Benjamin
the less I know the better - Tame Impala

you were good to me - Jeremy Zucker
dancing with your ghost - Sasha Sloan
diet mountain dew - Lana Del Rey
3:00 AM - Finding Hope
her - eery

get you the moon - Kina
dreams - Joakim Karud
borderline - Tame Impala
lost in Japan - Shawn Mendes
dear society - Madison Beer

water fountain - Alec Benjamin
haunt you - Social House
trust me - Bhad Bhabie
six feet under - Billie Eilish
8 letters - Why don't we

I hope these songs put you in a good mood and you enjoy listening to them ;)
I wish you a beautiful & stressless fall!
Love y'all,
aesthetic mess

P.S: This one's my firts article! Comment if you liked it and maybe I'll write another one! We'll see :)

Okay, bye!