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marry me, i want to be with you forever
i want to lock our hearts together till the end of time
when i look at you you make my day more bright
together i know we’ll be alright
i see sparkles in your eyes
i fell in love with your authentic soul
with you life feels like a fairytale
i want to share my life with you
grow and learn with you
show me your love, i’ll show you mine
darling, this is our moment, right now is our time
i promise i'll keep you in my heart forever
let’s take this road together
i believe in you, i hope you believe in me
flaws and all, we’ll love each other heavenly

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σρєи уσυя нєαят υρ тσ мє, ι'ℓℓ тαкє ¢αяє σf ιт ∂єєρℓу


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