Hello Hearters! <3

Happy Wednsday, it is halfway to the weekend and I am desperately looking forward to it!

Today I am counting down five movies which make an impact on me and which you should totally give a go.

#1 Black Swan

movie and natalie portman image
An amazing movie starring the beautiful and talented Natalie Portman. I strongly recommend it, not only for the good story, but because I believe that everyone would find a piece of or for themselves in it.

#2 Love, Rosie

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My all time favorite romance! See, the thing about romantic movies is that they are always so chocolaty sweet. This one has a slice of real life to it. It gives you the love vibes without being too much in your face. And leave you with a nice, warm feeling after it ends.

#3 Zootopia

zootopia image
It's a cute, fun and interesting animation, which I personally really adore. I watched it dozens of times and it always feels I can watch it over and over again. So definately a recommendation for one of those weekend afternoons.

Thank you, guys so much for reading! I would be very happy if you share your favorite movies with me, or give me your opinion on these three.

I wish you a lovely week!

xoxo Gabbie ~