Hello there! I’m so glad that you decided to read this post because it means you are thinking about traveling to the beautiful Greece! Let me start by telling you that I’m half Greek so I’m probably a little too enthousiastic when I talk about this destination, but what’s not to like?

It’s no secret that the Greeks are friendly and their hospitality is world renowned. Besides that, they have an amazing history that you can see by every step you take there! They also have some of the most beautiful beaches of the world like Navagio, Zakynthos and lots of delicous food! Reasons enough to buy that plane ticket, right? So, before you start dreaming of olives and feta cheese, I”m going to give you 10 tips to make this trip a huge succes!

1. Enjoy the beauty of other things than luxury
Greece is one of the most beautiful places I can think about, but don’t expect the most modern and fancy buildings. Greece is beautiful in other ways like the breathtaking beaches, the nature, the friendly culture and the history! Ofcourse, in the city you can find some luxury hotels but mostly you”ll find a lot of ancient buildings and historical ruins like the Akropolis in Athene. Like I said before, the history of Greece can be found in pretty much every step you take.

2. Drink coffee like the locals
Almost everybody loves coffee, right? It is truly the driving force of every single Greek I know. You can see almost everybody in Greece walking around with a frappé in their hands. This is an iced coffee covered with foam made from nescafé, water, sugar and a little milk. Trust me, once you tasted it, you will only want more.

3. Have patience with the Greeks
Ever heard a Greek saying: “miso lepto” when you asked them something? When you hear this, they are literally saying that they”ll be with you within half a minute. I’m going to be honest with you, they won’t. Note for yourself: Greek half a minute is at least 20 minutes.

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4. Beat the price down
4. As you may already know, Greece is a very populair destination that comes with many tourists looking for a souvenir. Remember to always try to beat down the price of the product you want to buy. In many cases the local shops are willing to lower their price for you. Especially when you’re approaching them in your best Greek. I”ll make sure to write a post with some basic Greek sentences you can use!

5. Have cash with you
5. Make sure you always have some cash with you. In the city or at the islands you can pay with your crecit card. But in the majority of the villages you can only pay with cash.

6. Know the church dress code
6. As the Greeks are very bonded with their relegion you can find a church on almost every corner of the street. It’s good to know that their is a certain dress code to enter the church. Make sure when you want to make a visit, you are not wearing any revealing clothes. For woman it is important to wear a long skirt and for the man they expect long trousers. The majority of Greeks will also pay for a candle that you can find at the entrance.

7. Never forget this bathroom rule
Everybody remember this very well if you don’t want to find yourself in an akward and nasty situation: NEVER throw the toilet paper actually in the toilet. I know this may go against everything your parents taught you, but the Greek system is not the same as in most countries in Europe. You have to throw the toilet paper in a little bin that you can find next to the toilet.

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8. Siesta!
SIESTA BABY! The Greek love to take a nap during the day, so don’t be upset when your favourite shops closes at 2 pm. Dont’t worry it will open again at 6 pm.

9. Don’t be offended by the Greek temperament
Greek love to yell to eachother. When they haven’t seen one another in a while, when there’s been good or bad news, when they’re happy or sad but they mostly love to show their temperament while in traffic. Especially when there’s someone waiting for the light to turn green and they don’t leave first second. Trust me, there will be an impressive performance of horns and yelling.

10. Watch out for Greek drivers
10. Last, but maybe most important thing I want you to know: Greek. Drive. Like. Crazy. More often than not, they will pass you on the right than on the left and they always drive like their life depends on it. Literally. I remember being on the high road and I saw some people turning a two -way street into a 4- lane road!

What are your most funny stories of your time in Greece? Let me know in the comments below!

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