Hello and welcome to my article! Today I'm going to write about a mythical creature according to @brownhaireddreamer 's article:

I suggest doing this challenge because it willl help you boost your creativity and imagination and it's also better than scrolling all day on instagram or youtube.
Day one
What is the name of your character, how old is he/she, his/her birth date, where does he/she character live?


Selene is half human half godess. Her mother is a Muse, which means that she has high levels of creativity and also some abilities like teleportation, mind reading and more (not real in greek mythology, I made up some things to make my character more interesting). Her name means goddess of the moon and because of that she has even more powers during nighttime. She only has some of the features that the Muses have, like their increased levels of creativity but in the nighttime she also has the ability to enter people's dreams, predict the near future of others but not of herself and when there's a full moon she can change some future events to help or destroy a specific person. The Muses live eternal and only die when being killed, but Selene can live until she reaches 150 years, due to her part human origin, however she can survive any human illness. The only way to die earlier is to be killed. At the moment she is fifteen but wise enough to know how to use her powers. She was born on February 29th 2004 and currently lives away from her parents in a small apartment near the harbor of a small village in Russia. She doesn't have a last name so she made up one, so now she is now named Selene Moon.

Note: I have made up some information about the the Muses in order to make the story more interesting.