i luvvv dis show so this seemed fun and it wassss, this took rlly long though so enjoy, also this isn't rlly fictional, this is all basically me and my story so yeah. everything is true except for age and last name.

inspiration -

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name - jasmine arya
age - 17
birthday - december 16
zodiac sign - sagittarius
sexuality - straight but sometimes questioning


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brown skin, indian, golden brown eyes, long dark brown hair, hourglass figure but not too thick


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natural beauty but also likes to make a statement when she goes all out

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she's classy but also a whore. she will usually be wearing cute sweaters or skirts but the most important thing to her will always be necklaces, she thinks they make the outfit soooo much better. she loves to reveal skin to tease her bf, it makes her really nervous but she loves doing it.

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jasmine knows she's a hoe and if she wants someone that night she knows how to dress for him. 99% of the time you'll see her wearing a slutty dress that's usually red, black, nude or white. even though she dresses like a whore she's more innocent than she seems.

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jasmine's prom outfit included a greyish purple diamond covered dress with greyish pink ballerina strap heels and her hair was sleek and straight with diamonds on the sides. she was of course the girl nobody took their eyes off of that night.


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jasmine is always overthinking. she wants to be in love but she's scared of it, she's scared of being hurt. she has a bunch of guys drooling over her but she's in a toxic relationship with her bf. she is always yearning for love, true love, all the soulmate bullshit is all she truly wants. but she never shows this side of her to anyone, she never wants to be vulnerable so she hides her feelings deep down inside. she loves being a heartbreaker though, jasmine loves knowing all the guys at school are all after her but she loves rejecting them even more that way they get competitive.


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jasmine's parents are always strict and hard on her for school and such, her parents also care about her shape so ever since she was 5 she's been doing competitive dance/gymnastics. dance helps her get rid of her worries and it helps her numb her sadness. since jasmine and her family are indian, her parents had been in an arranged marriage which affected jasmine more than it should've. jasmine could tell her parents weren't in love at a very young age. her dad had a drinking problem but he would never accept that he had a problem. he would come home drunk and start fights with her mom in front of her and her younger brother ever since she could remember. her dad loved his kids and his wife but he loved drinking more or that's what it feels like to jasmine. jasmine even found out her mom was dealing with depression at the age of 13 but she didn't tell anyone of course. after all this with her parents of course she has trust issues and doesn't really open up. she has been taught to keep everything in and go on with her life. jasmine is a sad girl who doesn't know how to deal with feelings so she ignores them. she's also never known love, that's why she's always going back to her toxic bf.


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♡ nate jacobs ♡

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