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How are you doing today? I’m doing great! While I’m writing this, I’m chilling on the beach at Anthony Quinn Bay in Rhodos! The photo above is made here 🙂 Rhodos is truly one of my favourite places to just clear my head and relax. This island has everything you need! Not only are the people very friendly, but you also have lots of historical buildings, delicious food for a good price and many breathtaking beaches! We rent a scooter so we were able to travel the whole island by ourselves. I want to share my favourite top 4 places to go when you’re visting Rhodos!

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1.Anthony Quinn Bay

Anthony Quinn Bay is one of the most wonderful places in the world if you aks me. The water is so crystal clear that you can see literally everything in the sea! I love to just swim around and watch all the different fish and stones you can find there! But most of all, I love the good vibes in this bay! You have this cute little café above the hill and they have great music all day long! Besides that, they offer you delicious food and not to forget the famous greek frappé at very good prices 🙂 They offer you deck chairs for only €6,- for a whole day!

2. Rhodos City

You can visit two different parts of the city, the new part and the old town! I really fell in love with the old town of Rhodos, because of the small streets, the ancient buildings, the beautiful castle and hundreds of little shops you can buy souvenirs! You can also have dinner in a typical local restaurant where you can eat for a very good price! The other part of the town is the modern part. Here you can find all kind of different shops like Zara (clothes) , Ici parix XL (make-up & parfume) etc, But the very best part is the ambience you can feel in every single part of the town!

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3. Secret paths next to the sea!

If you ask me what I did on my holiday, I can guarentee you that I”ll tell you I’ve lost my way a million times and that I’ve ended up in the most beautiful places no one knows about! My sense of direction just sucks but because of that I had the most amazing day! I went to Rhodos city with a local bus but I couldn’t figure out how to get back. Because of the beautiful weather that day, we decided to just walk back to our hotel, it was only 8 km to Lalyssos! So, we decided to just walk on the beach on our way home, and we came across a beautiful little path that was build on the rocks of the ocean! It was a path made of a lot of sand and gravel and on the dangerous parts they had build little barriers so you couldn’t fall down on the rocks! To my surprise we could walk on this path almost the entire way home and we came across nobody! The photo above was taking there and I still love the view!

4. Kalithea
Kalithea formerly was known and famous for its curative thermal baths that were here. “Kali Thea” litteraly means in Greek “Good view” and I can guarantee you that it’s worth visting! There is a bay where you find a trendy beach bar, good music all over the beach and the crystal clear water to swim in! Besides that, it is very easy to reach by boat, by bus from Rhodos or by car! I truly loved this place!

Ps. If you’re hungry, I recommend the sandwiches!

This were the 4 places we truly loved to visit! Ofcourse there are a lot of different things to do in Rhodos, like the Butterfly valley, Lindos, the island Symi.. but these were my favourites!

Feel free to contact me or leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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Take care!