inspired by

1. plane or boat

airport, travel, and airplane image aeroplane, air, and airplane image

2. airbnb or hotel

city, bedroom, and view image decor, flowers, and home image

3. camping or glamping

adventure, nature, and travel image adventure, aesthetics, and architecture image puppy, animal, and dog image nature, travel, and home image

4. city or nature

nature image friends image forest, green, and sunlight image deer, forest, and road image

5. group or alone

Image removed girl, nature, and mountains image
with my bff

6. street food or restaurant

Temporarily removed food, fries, and yummy image
street food

7. night in or night out

Temporarily removed Image by Irena15
night in

8. suitcase or backpack

forest, travel, and nature image Temporarily removed

9. pool or ocean

Image by Endless Dream summer, pool, and water image

10. swimming or sunbathing

Temporarily removed Mature image

11. spontaneous or planned

map, photo, and photography image Image by Rena

12. adventure or relax

girls, india, and lake image travel, map, and mountains image