So my sister and I were watching the VMAs today on August 26th and there was beautiful Camila Cabello being herself in such an original way. We were admiring her clumsiness, her sincerity, and her simplicity, despite how far she has gotten until now and how farther she will get if God blesses her.

And I started saying all the cool things that defined Camila (I mean not that I know her but from what I’ve seen haha) I admired. And then I was watching an Instagram story I uploaded from Cardi B as she was introducing the award for Missy Elliot and I also declared the things I like from her: her sassiness, the way the things she says sound, her sense of humor… you know the things that made her different from everybody else. And eventually I said I just love people who have a totally different way of swinging themselves through life (something like “there’s this person and then there’s everybody else”).

Since what I said about Cardi B was within sight from what I said about Camila (meaning I said it not long after, just trying to do something cool there) the thought occurred to me that I was always trying to decipher people and to find that special thing that sets them apart. And I said this out loud, to which my sister replied “yeahh smh (she shook her head in agreement)”. I didn’t say anything because the thought hadn’t occurred to me then but as I was showering for the second time within three hours (thanks summer heat you da best) I gave more thought to it.

And I came to the conclusion that the reason why I am always doing what I said before is because people do have special things about themselves, each and every person. Not everyone can see everybody around them due to the fact that usually we are too into ourselves and/or because people’s flaws (not silly things like “not being pretty” or “having no money” or “talking too much”; I am referring to more serious things like arrogance, lying, selfishness, hypocrisy, violence…)keep those around the person from seeing his or her true colors.

It’s funny when even those flaws we see on people are the ones that, when looking deep enough, reveal the real nature of the person. And that is why love between two people (boyfriend-girlfriend love, husband-wife love, stuff like that) exist. When two people get to love each other is when they see each other’s true colors, and they perceive it all in awe. They can see the real beauty, the real magnificence in each other better than anyone else is capable of. They are aware of the imperfections, but they take it all for the sake of the beautiful things.

And beautiful things don’t always have to be things socially accepted as beautiful. That’s the best part: beauty is a spectrum, varied in so many ways. You can never get bored with people’s peculiarities. Take a chance to observe others (you don’t have to say what you’re doing haha) and you’ll have one more reason why life is beautiful, and why is this a wonderful time to be alive.

And do you want me to tell you the best thing you can do? Be unapologetically you. Don’t you be beautiful just for show, do it because you want to make yourself happy by being authentic and not suppressing yourself or lying to yourself about who you are. Just remember you are beautiful too, in your own way. No matter what. A lot of people will see it (they’re probably seeing it now) but the most important thing is that you see it for yourself, that you own it, that you recognize it as a part of you, and learn to love it.