Hello, if you want more photos, please come check out my folder named
"(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Light Brown and white" <3

How to dress in this aesthetic
-white button-ups tucked in
-cream dresses
-white hats
-brown skirt
-teddy jumper

fashion, outfit, and style image ulzzang, aesthetic, and korean image fashion, beige, and outfit image aesthetic, girl, and korean image fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image hair, fashion, and style image

With taking photos, ALSO WAYS find a WHITE background!!!!

fashion, outfit, and clothes image Temporarily removed aesthetic, art, and daily image dog and ulzzang image

Having your pets in your photos is adorable, but it also fits with your feed. Take as many photos with then as you can!!!

dog, doggies, and doggy image dog, animal, and cute image interior image aesthetic, dog, and soft image

Making your bedroom aesthetic, can also give a good photo for the gram :)

mirror, fashion, and style image aesthetic, beige, and brown image aesthetic, beige, and interior image interior image

Take coffee photos!!!!

aesthetic, white, and beige image aesthetic, coffee, and beige image aesthetic, food, and coffee image aesthetic, drink, and beige image

Also add photo photos with the colours
-Light brow
-Little black
-ALOT of white

aesthetic, black, and business image

Random photos

Inspiring Image on We Heart It beige, brown, and city image art, statue, and aesthetic image aesthetic, beige, and soft image