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In today's article I will be listing and talking about the best music albums of 2019 so far, but plus-minus in my opinion. I'll also add the hit songs (according to radio stations and official sales and streams) and some of my personal favorites. I hope you'll enjoy.

Now, let's get started!

☆ | lover

Taylor Swift only released her new album on August 23, yet it already surpassed many records including pre-saving ones. Lover counts three singles, namely Me!, You Need to Calm Down and Lover itself. My personal favorites are Cruel Summer, Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince and Cornelia Street.

Taylor Swift, lover, and taylor image Taylor Swift and lover image
The video for Lover is out now!

☆ | inner monologue part two

Technically an EP by singer-songwriter Julia Michaels, yet definitely deserves to be on this list. My personal favorites are literally all of them, so giving recommendations for this one are pretty hard for me. Anyways, must-listens are Hurt Again, Body and Falling for Boys.

girl, pretty, and wow image girl, pretty, and wow image
Make sure to check out the video for her song Body as well!

☆ | the search

NF's fourth studio album has been an amazing addition to the hip-hop music genre. It was released on July 26 and has four singles so far, namely Why, The Search, When I Grow Up and Time. My favorite songs are Like This, Change and Trauma.

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Go watch the video for Leave Me Alone, it's a masterpiece!

☆ | when we all fall asleep, where do we go

Of course, this album by Billie Eilish has to be included in this article. It was released on March 29 and has five singles at the moment. They are called You Should See Me in a Crown, When the Party's Over, Bury a Friend, Wish You Were Gay and Bad Guy. I recommend giving All the Good Girls Go to Hell and Ilomilo a listen as well.

billie eilish, billie, and icon image billie eilish, icon, and billieeilish image
The video for Bury a Friend is scary in a great way, I promise!

☆ | sucker punch

The debut studio album by Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid was released on March 8. It has five singles named Don't Kill My Vibe, Strangers, Sucker Punch, Don't Feel Like Crying and Mine Right Now. For clear skin (lol) also listen to In Vain and Dynamite.

fashion, flower, and girl image artist, girl power, and musician image
Don't forget to check out the video for Strangers!

☆ | a different kind of human

The second studio album by Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer Aurora was released on June 7. It succeeds the album's first and previous chapter Infections of a Different Kind which was released in 2018. This album has four singles named Animal, The Seed, The River, and Apple Tree. I also recommend giving Daydreamer and A Different Kind of Human a listen.

singer, talent, and aurora aksnes image singer, talent, and aurora aksnes image
Go watch her video for The River as well!

☆ | head above water

Avril Lavigne is back, and I am honestly so here for it! Head Above Water is her sixth studio album and was released on February 15. It has four singles named Head Above Water, Tell Me It's Over, Dumb Blonde and I Fell in Love with the Devil. My favorite song on this album is definitely It Was In Me.

Image removed Avril Lavigne image
The video for Head Above Water is worth a watch!

☆ | happiness begins

Not only Avril but also the Jonas Brothers are back in the game. Their new album came out on June 7 and includes three singles called Sucker, Cool and Only Human. I also recommend listening to Don't Throw It Away.

brothers, kevin, and nick image brothers and jonas image
Their video for Sucker is the best!

☆ | no.6 collaborations project

Ed Sheeran's fourth studio album came out on July 12 and has a total of seven singles. They're named I Don't Care, Cross Me, Beautiful People, Best Part Of Me, Blow, Antisocial and Take Me Back To London. The latter one is also my favorite song on the collaborations album, as the hip-hop artist, Stormzy is featured on it.

ed sheeran image ed sheeran and stormz image
The video for his song Nothing On You is out now!

☆ | free spirit

Khalid's second studio album was released on April 5 and is a follow-up to his 2018 EP Suncity. The two singles are called Talk and Right Back. I really recommend listening to My Bad and Saturday Nights as well.

smile and khalid image boys, better, and visuals image
Go watch his video for Right Back!

☆ | divinely uninspired to a hellish extent

The debut album by Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi was released on May 17. It contains three singles, namely Grace, Someone You Loved and Hold Me While You Wait. Please, also give Bruises a listen, because it's so, so good.

celebrities, music, and musician image celebrities, music, and musician image
His interlude session of Hold Me While You Wait is worth a watch!

☆ | a place we knew

Last but definitely not least, the debut studio album by Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis was released on March 22. It has three singles named Be Alright, 7 Minutes and Stay Awake. My favorites are Waves and Half a Man.

album, lp, and music image australian, music, and singer image
The video for Stay Awake is so good!

☆ | the end

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