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So today French got a tiny bit better, the teacher wasn't so annoying as yesterday. But he did send a lot of homework like...bitch I got shit to do, lay it off with the paperwork. Also this new guy arrived, he is like 30 years old, and he sat down besides me (in Ale's place). I wanted to die, he had too much cologne and he was HUGE. I hope I get there before him so I can reserve Ale's spot.

I am getting better from yesterday's emotional and much needed breakdown. I talked to Cami for some of the afternoon, right now Dayler is telling me about the great ramen they have in China, Machu told me she is kind of decorating her new apartment, Paty got piercings today, and I just want to jump into that reality.

Also, y'all remember the iPad Dayler and I wanted to get? Well, I have some money as graduation present so probably when I visit my father I can buy it. Who knows?

Day 17: Write about something you hated about a trip.

Okay so we are done with the "Lists" section of the challenge and diving into the "Write about" section.

So trips! They are exciting, filled with adventures even the tiniest ones, and I personally enjoy them way too much. I don't care if we are going to travel in plane, car, bus, boat...whatever. The cool thing is that I am going somewhere. My favorite way to travel is in airplanes, I love the take off and the landing. I prefer the landing though, it is my favorite part of it all.

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I have been traveling, in planes, alone since I was 11. The first time was to New York I believe. I had to do a connecting flight from my country to Miami and then to New York. So, I arrived to my country's airport early in the morning, did my check-in, bid my mom goodbye and went through immigration with the companion the airline offers to minors. Anyway, the companion was really cool he was a young dude who was really sweet and shy but we got along well.

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When I got in the plane I was the first one in. That is a rule with minors, they go in first and get out last. I sat in the the middle of three seats because..well my ticket said to, not because I wanted. When people started getting in, I was hoping to get some nice ladies by my side or grandmas because they are cute.

Honestly y'all, it was my fucking lucky day. There were two guys in around their late 20's tall as hell and fat as hell and I was squished in the middle of them. They would hand each other things over my head, they would comment on my Nintendo games like if I couldn't listen to them, and they got all the crumbs of their sandwiches on me...I was even afraid to ask the guy in the aisle to stand up so I could go to the bathroom. It was awful.

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2nd Story

Another time, this happened in an airplane too, I was around 16 I think and I got he middle seatt again and I said to myself: Oh no bitch not again. So this old man plops down the aisle seat and I ask him: Hi sir, I am sorry but would you mind changing seats with me I go to the bathroom a lot and I don't want to bother you. Which was a complete lie, I just didn't want to sit in the middle.

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That old man said to me that he wasn't going to change with me because he paid for that seat in specific, and that asking him to change was rude of me. You could picture my face like bitch what the heck is wrong with you? Then, I was praying for the window seat to be free, but a cute old woman goes and sits in the window seat. I, again, get the courage to ask her to change with me and she sweetly said that yeah sure. At the end of the flight the old man and the old lady exchanged phone numbers and were flirting. So after being insulted by an unhappy grandpa, I hooked him up with some fine lady.

And an extra one...the time my dad and I were getting out of Oklahoma in our road trip to Montana and there was a tornado alert while we drove. My dad believes he is Jesus Christ or some shit and didn't mind, he just went on driving.

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Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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