Hello Beautiful People 💖

There are a few days left before returning to school or, failing that, the miserable souls who have to fulfill their work schedule with their best smile or be fired and end up in the street (ignore my depression)
cry, gif, and latin image
...I bring some ideas for your impact outfit, enjoy!

📍Look 1

fashion, accessories, and clothes image fashion image chic, fashion, and style image fashion, girl, and hair image

📍Look 2

fashion, outfit, and style image shoes, fashion, and Balenciaga image beauty, blonde, and chic image book, sunglasses, and earrings image

📍Look 3

fashion, outfit, and style image
shoes, fashion, and dior image hair, fashion, and bag image

📍Look 4

fashion, makeup, and sneakers image necklace, gold, and jewelry image Temporarily removed aesthetic and fashion image

📍Look 5

autumn, beauty, and blond image hair, chanel, and fashion image shoes, fashion, and style image bag, fashion, and style image


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