We find the airports filled with them. Almost in every corner, we spot another one. They differentiate in shape, size, and color, according to personal taste. Some of them are big and colorful, and others are small and discrete. Some are true heavyweights and others, almost as light as feathers. The one thing they have in common? They’re pro at getting lost.

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Unfortunately, not every baggage is optional – at least apparently.
Somehow, as our life goes on, we keep on filling invisible suitcases with every single one of our mistakes, of our grief and sorrow, with all of the painful memories, all of the wrong choices we made, and we try our hardest to hide them from the world, even though we, stubbornly insist in carrying them around. What about the luggage that weighs upon our backs and makes our hearts and souls ache from time to time, whenever they get too heavy? There is no emotional airport in which they can get randomly lost, so what happens to them?

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Let me ask you something: have you ever felt like your past mistakes define who you are? Have you ever found yourself overthinking about things you’ve said or done, and felt bad about it? Have you ever felt that your mistakes keep chasing you and you can’t seem to get it right? I bet you did, – at least at some point in your life. – and you know why? Because we all do. We’re all human. Now let me ask you something different: if there’s was a small stone in your shoe, hurting you while you walked, what would you do? You would take it out of your shoe, so it didn’t bother you anymore, am I right? So why do we stubbornly insist on carrying these emotionally heavy and negative filled baggage with us?
Truth is, we tend to believe that our mistakes, our errors, our flaws define us, so we keep them with us, in this little imaginary baggage and we end up forgetting that we’re so much more than the things we did wrong, the things that happened to us and the things the hurt us. We’re the little things. We’re the grand gestures. We’re the shy happy smiles whenever we see the sunshine and we’re the cozy blankets in a cold winter afternoon. We’re growing, changing and learning every day – making mistakes is part of the process. In reality what matters the most is what we keep doing to be better, to do better.
So let me tell you this: you’re not your mistakes, you’re not your errors, you’re not your bad choices, you’re not your painful memories. Your past is a part of your story, it is not your entire book, so stop torturing and beating yourself up only because you think the next chapter will be the same. Forgive yourself. Learn to love yourself for every little thing you’ve accomplished, no matter how big or small it may seem. Most importantly, let go. Let go of the emotional baggage that you keep on carrying around and that only weighs you down. You don’t need any emotional airport to do that. You just need to allow yourself to be light and free.

This article was written by @Moonliightbaaaby on the We Heart It Writers Team.