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3. According to the zeigarnik effect,
our brain tends to remember the things that we've left unfinished,
so - considering how unfinished we are,
I suppose I'll remember you forever
Like this,
where the heath is almost unbearable
and the air is still and scorching.
Or maybe it's your presence

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4. but the song of cicadas is deafening
and the smell of blue chlorine is intoxicating
Or maybe it's your presence

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5. I can't fall asleep at night
sitting in the dark and watching the stars
there are too many to count in the bright summer night
the nostalgia of things that didn’t happen and sadness without reason
Or maybe it's your presence

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7. I asked you about her because I wanted to know if you love her
But now I regret it
because acute observation is sometimes not very far from misdeed

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1. summer means falling asleep without anxiety
iced drinks and cold showers
peach slides and soft mornings
summer means finding you here
like every year

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6. I whispered that you were the one from the very beginning
But you didn’t hear it
After all this time I thought I would have been better
And as this sunset golden light hit your eyes
Do I really need to go home now?

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2. eyes meet, from your table to mine
Memories from another summer, another heath
Sit next to us
They fill the gap between our tables
It has been a lifetime since the first time
But my hands still shake when you are close

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8. then I see you going
books and stories teach you that there is always an ending to wait for,
either good or bad,
but in real life there is hardly ever an end…


Thank you for reading!
Juliet ~♥

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This article was written by @skahrlett on the We Heart It Writers Team.