this is a playlist of oldies! it's really long so not all the songs are listed here but the spotify link is at the end of this article!

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▶ brown sugar by the rolling stones
▶ kiss by prince
▶ big shot by billy joel
▶ bohemian rhapsody by queen
▶ paradise city by guns n' roses

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▶ piano man by billy joel
▶ every breath you take by the police
▶ dancing queen by abba
▶ don't try suicide by queen
▶ american pie by don mclean

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▶ only the good die young by billy joel
▶ tiny dancer by elton john
▶ you shook me all night long by ac/dc
▶ baba o'rielly by the who
▶ it's still rock and roll to me by billy joel

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▶ bennie and the jets by elton john
▶ imagine by john lennon
▶ another one bites the dust by queen
▶ come together by the beatles
▶ vienna by billy joel
▶ rocket man by elton john

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▶ any way you want it by journey
▶ more than a feeling by boston
▶ norwegian wood by the beatles
▶ don't you (forget about me) by simple minds

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▶ your love by the outfield
▶ i want to hold your hand by the beatles
▶ papa don't preach by madonna
▶ new york state of mind by billy joel
▶ like a prayer by madonna
▶ rich girl by hall & oates
▶ come on eileen by dexys mountain runners

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▶ the stranger by billy joel
▶ oh sherrie by steve perry
▶ freeway of love by aretha franklin
▶ like a virgin by madonna

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▶ your song by elton john
▶ you're my best friend by queen
▶ p.y.t (pretty young thing) by michael jackson
▶ build me up buttercup by the foundations
▶ surfin' u.s.a. by the beach boys
▶ rosanna by toto

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▶ sorry by madonna
▶ 25 or 6 to 4 by chicago
▶ pour some sugar on me by def leppard
▶ uptown girl by billy joel

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