I'm searching for answers
In the maze of love and hate
Am I lost?
Trying to find my balance

Between weak and strong
Between myself and others
Where did I go?
I'm a beating heart

A mind that thinks too much
A girl with anxiety in her veins
A body to be insecure about
But here, always fighting

Who am I?
I decide what's right
I decide what's wrong
But things change, people change

The last few years
Changed my skin into broken pieces
Changed my mindset from half full to half empty
But I am still fighting

Certain days
I don't know who I am fighting for
The reflection seems differently

I decide to fight
For what is left
For what I want to become
For feeling proud

I have taught myself so much
How to stay strong when I feel weak
How to see others, how to see myself
And that I'm worth it

That I deserve love
From myself and others
Maybe you feel the same
I'll fight with you