since i start school next week :( i figured i would i write my goals so i can come back to this throughout the year and keep myself motivated


1. make new friends!!!

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by this i mean by joining clubs and/or teams and putting myself out there bc i'm rly introverted :)

2. stay organized

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i would like to start to bullet journal or just have a calendar. i'm also going to clean out my binder and organize my notes

3. actually study!!!!!!!!!

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i have such a bad habit of not studying and/or literally cramming all morning of the test, so i plan on studying for at least 2 days before the test

4. say yes to new opportunities

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this connects with the make new friends!!! bc i also say no to a lot of things i would like to do bc i get anxious ab it :/

5. exercise and eat healthy :)

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i've been saying for YEARS that i want to exercise, but this year i'm going to find a routine and stick with it. i'm planning on cutting out soda pop and juice too stay healthy and then slowly cut out the other bad things too

6. keep my room (mostly) clean

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i'm pretty good at keeping my room clean, besides some dishes and literally just throwing my clothes everywhere hehe :)