some of these are more tailored towards me but whatever

angel, baby
happy accidents
day dreaming
keep it simple
life imitates art
cherry bomb🍒
almost famous
xoxo 💋

are you alive, or are you just existing?
travel. as much as you can. as far as you can. life's not meant to be lived in one place
the mysteries of the universe in someone's hand
words are different when they live inside of you
"just don't make me boring" -freddie
suck it up, buttercup
cheers for the teenage years
plays well with satan
it's sick, savage, and sensual!
your hand would look nice in my back pocket

not really a person anymore, just stress and anxiety with a body
here for a good time, not a long time
makin' dumb choices since '04
if i could run across the beach into my own arms, i would
my ability to remember lyrics from '80s music far exceeds my ability to remember why i walked in the kitchen

strawberry fields forever
close your eyes and taste the sun
golden days
guilty feet have got no rhythm
we can dance if we want to
you put the boom boom into my heart
mr. blue sky
who cares? still the louvre.
vienna waits for you
quite the people pleaser/if only i could please her
tell me sweet little lies
you must be my lucky star
i believe in yesterday
every little thing she does is magic
like paris in the rain
laughing 'til our ribs get tough
i would get beat to smithereens
bohemian rhapsody 3:05
purple rain
in the sky with diamonds
space oddity
she's a killer queen
just a small town girl
soft hearts, electric souls
snap out of it
talking under pink skies

partners in crime
the gang🤙🏻
i'll be there for you
stay close to people who feel like sunshine🌞

honey, put on that party dress
sixteen candles make a lovely light
young and sweet, only seventeen
eighteen, and i still live with my parents
that nineteen year old horseshit/garbage (john mulaney, anybody?)

thanks for reading!