Green eyes look at me in the morning
Tangled in each others arm
How could someone heal you
With their presence?

I remember the smiles you have given to me
Baby, you make life feel infinite
Only finding safety within him
I don't think we will end

I think we will grow
I think we will love
Sometimes get too far in the past
Instead of focusing on the future

But we'll make it through
I am willing to fight for you
You're my everything
The reason I fight everyday

Some days I fall
Break bits of my hearts
By mistake, by myself
But you're always there to help, to catch

Sitting in the train
I don't care where we end up
As long as it's with you
Follow the tracks to my heart

Let's have midnight talks
Where I can fall asleep in your arms
Peacefully, loved, safe
How could someone make you feel all of this?