There is a beautiful and magical story being told around the world about sunflowers...

Jumping from mouth to mouth, from soul to soul, have you ever heard it?

It's told by the old men of the world, those who saw magic being born and it is about sunflowers.

Yes, that beautiful flower.

Sunflowers turn towards the sun and its movement through the sky, and on cloudy days they see each other giving energy, some say it would be very nice for people to be like that, like sunflowers, on gray and dark days to help each other, as sunflowers do.

Some see it as the eternal gratitude that we should always be aware of.

The sun is there since before the formation of the world as we know it, sunflowers are just newcomers, the great sun king must fill them with their light, and sunflowers, they are eternally grateful.

Let's say you are this little seed, something very minimal, but you need to grow, you need water and sun, more important and bigger elements than you, but... they were put there to help you grow, what should you do? Thank them

The same thing happens in life, people bigger than you, who in the end are so great because they help the little one, it's not about what you have or what you want to do, it's about the purity of a heart willing to help.

You can be the greatest person in the world but only if you help the little ones, is what they say, the irony of life, but is it?

What would it be worth to be big if you are not going to help?

Be a sunflower, go admiring the light of others and giving your own light, the world and life itself will thank you.

And the universe, believe me, it will reward you.