songs that i love.

Hey, there! This is my first time attempting to write an article. I don't know how I feel about it just yet.

I decided to start off my first article by doing a playlist tag because I love music. Normally, when people love music, they play a couple of instruments and/or can sing. I can't do either, I mean, I'm slowly learning how to play the guitar and I can sing some songs well but I can't just sing any song and make it sound amazing. Anyways, now I'm rambling, back to the point, I love listening to music, I love to find the meanings behind songs and connect them to a moment in my life.

These are my favourite songs, and I hope you can find some new favourites of your own.

All Weekend Long - Jack & Jack

jack & jack, gilinsky, and jack gilinsky image party, drink, and friends image
I ain't gotta worry, It's the weekend, I'mma turn up, I don't need a reason.

Better - Khalid

better, singer, and talk image love, couple, and hands image
You say we're just friends but I swear when nobody's around.

Candy Paint - Post Malone

Temporarily removed Image by 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐄𝐋
Hundred thousand dollars on the table top, Half price my whips same price my watch.

Deadroses - blackbear

Temporarily removed rose, grain, and pink image
I'm not okay, With the distance that's been growin girl, I'm not okay.

Easier - 5 Seconds of Summer

Image removed Temporarily removed
Right now, It's so hard to blame you, 'Cause you're so damn beautiful.

Flowers - ASTN

rose, flowers, and pink image sky, purple, and pink image
'Cause, baby, I ain't got room for a broken heart, Had to throw it out, no use in broken parts.

Gone 2 Long - PRETTYMUCH

band, boys, and dance image couple, aesthetic, and beige image
Baby, I need you right now, My love, You can keep it, This ain't no secret.

Home With You - Madison Beer

Temporarily removed aesthetic, bed, and messy image
I ain't got no time for no games, I'm not being rude, Can you give me my space.

Invitation - Why Don't We

b&w, band, and invitation image couple, love, and dove cameron image
Baby, 'Cause I like you, You like me, Let's just get together.

Just To See You Smile - Why Don't We

artist, boyband, and singer image romance, smile, and ​amor image
I swear I'd walk, I'd run, I'd even learn to fly, Just to see you smile.

Kill This Love - BLACKPINK

girl group, girls, and rose image love, quotes, and neon image
He said you look crazy, Thank you, Baby, I owe it all to you.

Lovely - Billie Elish & Khalid

beautiful, girl, and singer image aesthetic, asian, and dark image
Oh, I hope some day I'll make it out of here, Even if it takes all night or a hundred years.

Myself - Bazzi

music, bazzi, and soul searching image aesthetic, blue, and clouds image
I can't fake no more smiles, That shit gon' drive me mad.

Not Thinkin' Bout You - Ruel

ruel and boy image aesthetics, neutrals, and Nude image
All the times we had, Keep on rushing back, Get out of my head.

Okay - Chase Atlantic

alternative, blue, and boys image grunge, couple, and purple image
Ask me how I'm doing, yeah, I'm coping, I said, "I'm coping".

Promise Me - Jack & Jack

jackgilinsky, jack gilinsky, and jack johnson image love, couple, and hands image
Promise me we'll find our place in this crazy world, And you'll be there when I call out your name.

Quarter Past Midnight - Bastille

life, aesthetic, and glitter image aesthetic, car, and city image
We keep on running, Running through a red ligh, Like we're trying to burn the night away.

Right Here - Chase Atlantic

art, band, and blue image couple, city, and light image
It's happening again, Well, I don't give a fu*k about friends, I'm right here.

Someone You Loved - Lewis Capaldi

artist, beach, and boy image aesthetic, anime, and black image
It's easy to say but it's never the same, I guess I kinda liked the way you helped me escape.

This Feeling - The Chainsmokers

art, black and white, and boys image b&w, beauty, and kissing image
They tell me think with my head, not that thing in my chest.

Unbelievable - Why Don't We

aesthetics, art, and blue image white, aesthetic, and bed image
If it's all a dream, Don't wake up, 'Cause I got your body right here next to me.

Venom - Eminem

eminem image black, shadow, and girl image
I said knock knock, let the devil in.

Water Fountain - Alec Benjamin

aesthetic, boy, and chill image aesthetic, blue, and fountain image
But my hand, It will be open and I'll try to fix it, My heart, It will be open and I'll try to give it.

xanny - Billie Elish

billie eilish image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I'm in their second hand smoke.

you were good to me - Jeremy Zucker

Temporarily removed love, couple, and kiss image
Leavin' isn't better than tryin', Growin', but I'm just growin' tired.

2 Cigarettes - Jack & Jack

cigarette and smoke image sunset, unfocused, and love image
But you just walked up slow, Nah, wait, this ain't the girl I know, C'mon, where she at? Give her back.
I just wanted to note that I don't have a song that starts with Z so I added a song starting with a number instead.

So, yeah, those are all my favourite songs throughout the alphabet. I hope you like these songs as much as I do!