so i love the show & cast obviously and i decided to try to get myself into euphoria. Here are the articles that i saw earlier & got my inspiration from them.


name:Grace Ferrell
age: 17
birthday: 25th April 2002
zodiac sign: taurus
sexuality: straight


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Grace has really good sense of style & you just can't put her in the box. She has short, blonde hair. She's skinny and has one tattoo under her boobs and no one knows about it yet.


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she's all about lip glosses & eyeliner, but only colorful ones.


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she tries to look good everyday and has kind of less fashionable style than her friends. She is really confident in her clothes so usually she looks really good & sexy


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She's all about old books & poetry. She loves to study and cycle. Grace hates how the world works and hate that because she is different than people in her age they don't like her that much. Since she was young she has lost a lot of important people so she has trust issues. Ferrell has problems with alcohol but has been admitted to rehab.


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She met Rue in rehab but she used to be friends with Lexie earlier.Now they are all friends but Grace hates Jules and wants Rue to end her friendship with J.


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She was with Ethan but they broke up because she didn't love herself then. Now she's more confident and wants him back but he has an eye for Kat so it's complicated. Also they have made out a few times after he started flirting with Hernandez.