Autumn is my favorite season, and I'm so happy it's finally coming! There are plenty of reasons to love it, and I want to share with you my favorite things about this beautiful period of the year.

Cozy sweaters

autumn, candle, and sweater image sweater, autumn, and winter image


shirt, autumn, and flannel image


autumn, tea, and fall image autumn, fall, and harry potter image

But also hot chocolate

autumn, book, and fall image

Leaves and their beautiful colors

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Movie nights

autumn, harry potter, and fall image

Reading books (I mean, literally, tons of books)

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candle, autumn, and fall image

Warm baths

bath, candles, and coffee image

Rainy days

rain, autumn, and fall image

Caramel apples and cinnamon donuts

autumn, fall, and apple image Temporarily removed

This ended up longer than I expected, but well, basically I love everything about autumn.