My top favorite songs this month

1. Running With the Wolves by MyKey
2. Menina Solta by Giulia Be
3. call me your love by Christian French

girl, fashion, and travel image architecture, buildings, and builds image

4. For you by Kayden
5. Best of Me by Corey Harper
6. It's You by Ali Gatie

city, germany, and munich image Mature image

7. Back in My Arms by Carlie Hanson
8. Querer Mejor (BRAVVO Remix) by Juanes feat. Alessia Cara
9. Hurt For Long by In Real Life

girl, b&w, and beauty image amsterdam, buildings, and builds image

10. Blind by Corey Harper
11. Left Me Yet (Becky and the Birds Remix) by Daya
12. Gold Rays by Vinyl Pinups

city image girl, b&w, and model image

13. Cinnamon by Jome
14. amelia by Seb Wildblood & mauv
15. Sober by Lauren Cruz & Blimes