Hi! Today I will write a list of supplies that can be very helpful for studying and note taking. I hope you will enjoy it!
So, let's start!
  • Highlighters
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Okay, this is just essential in note taking, I don't have to explain it. I recommend pastel ones, they are very beautiful!
  • Notebooks
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Personally I recommend using A4 ones, they are the best for note taking.
  • Pens
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Buy some classic black and blue ink ones and also some colorful pens to make your notes pretty!
  • Markers
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  • Pencils
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  • Sharpener & eraser
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You can buy really cute and unique ones
  • Binders
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To keep all your school papers organized
  • Sticky notes
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They are very helpful while studying! You can also buy really cute ones.
  • Washi Tapes
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Okay, they are not really necessary, but they are the best to make your notes more beautiful!
That's it for this article! I hope you enjoyed it! I want to write more back to school articles soon so stay tuned :)
Have an amazing day!
Magda ♡

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