Hi everyone !
so one week left for me to go back to high school,
and this year i'll be a junior
so i thought i'd make this article about what i'm expecting for this year ;)

  • friends
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my class this year doesn't have any of my friends
and most of the students in my new class don't know me
so i hope i get to meet some good new friends there

  • class
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this year i'll be a math student (in my country you get to choose in the 2nd year a division)
and some people say its hard which scares me sometimes but still i like challenging my self
maybe i'm not one of the top students of the school but still i'm good at math or at least i like it ;)

  • school
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my school system started to get better
and we've got a new manager which i hope he's better

  • teachers
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i hope my old physics teacher keeps teaching my class
other than that there will be new teachers and fingers crossed for my maths teacher cuz its so important for this year

  • *old friends*
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i hope i can still in touch with my old friends cuz i have trust on them
and for fake friends i hope i can stay away as possible as i can this year

  • what i hope for my self
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  • choose the right friends
  • get away from any drama or gossip
  • leave a good expression on my teachers
  • take more hours of studying
  • love my self and not care for idiots who talk shit
  • look for what i want not what others do
  • get great memories from high school

And lastly, i hope i can go back to this article after a year and give my after thoughts ; )
and heart this if you want to <3 <3 <3