Hey guys ! Today's article is going to be my ideal morning routine ! We all have one, so here is mine !

inspired by this article :) go check it out

⤨ Waking up earlier (8am)

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i'm on vacation right now, and i wake up at midday (12am)… and for school I'll need to wake up at 6:40am...

⤨ Eating a healthier breakfast

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when i'm on vacation i wake up too late to eat breakfast, but when i do, i eat cereals or cakes (not very healthy)

⤨ Doing some stretching/sport

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i'm going to be honest with you : i don't have the patience to do yoga, but i have to do stretching. just to wake me up a little bit better, and if i have enough energy maybe do some sport

⤨ Take a shower

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take a shower right after doing sport is heaven ! also pampering myself, some skin and hair mask :)
check out my skin tips article :

⤨ Get a really cute outfit

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i realllyyyy think that an outfit can change your mindset !
check out my mode collection :)

⤨ Go out for a little walk

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just to enjoy the environment and take some fresh air to start the day

⤨ Learn something

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learn a new language, learn some new formulas in maths… just learn something new each day :)

⤨ Writing and/or reading

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i love to write, and i love to read so it would be a great way to end my morning routine !

So here it is ! Hope you liked it ! Do it too and tag me so I can go watch it :)

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Marie , your french friend :)