Hi loves! i discovered new things that make me feel good and look more expensive and put together without expending a lot of money. This article is just superficial and materialistic stuff. Obviously smiling and being happy is the best tip!

But since this is a fashion article I’m going to focus on it.


This is so important, like a few years ago i never wore jewelry because i wasn’t a big fan of it, but to be honest it makes such a difference, usually gold one makes you look more “fancy” and you don’t have to spend lots of money on it. There’s stores like forever 21, h&m that have cute stuff and it’s cheap.

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You will automatically look put together and they’re trending so it’s a win-win. You can wore them a bunch of different ways and make a totally different outfit. For Example: You can use long ones with a belt and some cute sneakers or boots; also you can dressed down like denim or biker shorts.

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Ok, this one is new for me I’ve never been that changes their bag with every outfit, i usually just have one black one and that’s it. But i bought a few smalls ones in Zara & H&M and they make the outfit so much better.

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Even is just brushing it and putting a ponytail on when you are having a bad hair day, it’s important to take care of your hair, my hair is super frizzy so i never brush it but at least cutting it when my ends are dry, doing hair mask once in a while (i’m trying to do it once a week but it’s hard)

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Wear the style that makes you feel the most comfortable

When you are not feeling your outfit, you feel uncomfortable and i think it shows, it’s better to feel confidence with what you are wearing, never wear something because it’s just trending or everyone is using it. If you don’t know what style you have, just try different styles till you feel so amazing in those, and you don’t have to have just one aesthetic or look, have fun with fashion!

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Bonus tip:

If better not having any nails polish on that having the paint half way and really bad.

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And i think that's it for this article, maybe i'm going to do a part 2 cause i have a few more tips so follow my article collection!

As usual you can always send me a postcard with feedback or just talk if you need anything i'm pretty good with advice, and if you just wanna be friends i'm always available.

Thanks for reading my article, have a lovely day/night, xoxo Anna