Hello Hearters!

I am back and getting more into the school season coming up as much as I am upset that summer is ending.
But this is your year to do great things! improve on habits, make new friends, and stay golden for the 2019-2020 year!
Of course, this year you want to have some of the best and stylish supplies to help you gain that A+!
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  • Journal/Agenda
Keep track of events, homework due dates, study times, date nights, etc with a handy notebook. Handy if your forgetful and do your homework on the night before its due!
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  • Colorful Pens
Literally my must have for the entire year! Color code everything and organize to your hearts desire.
  • Motivation Pencil Set
These adorable pencil sets give you a quote of the day to keep you going throughout that test.
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  • Highlighters
Important dates, vocabulary, names, places? Highlight it up! And maybe some highlighter to your face as well.
  • Folders
Always happen to lose that field trip form? Place all of your important paperwork into a folder so it never gets lost again.
note image
  • Post it notes
These can be added virtually anywhere to make sure you remember important terms and events.
  • Notebook
And not the movie. Make sure to take the best notes with beautiful designed notebooks. Plus it makes it more interesting to study from.
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  • Pencil Case
Big or small, fit it all! Pencils, highlighters, crayons, scissors, etc
  • Pencil Grips/Erasers
When you really have to concentrate for that test coming, don't let your hand cramp up and make sure to erase those scribbles too.
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  • Crafting Supplies
Scissors, glue, crayons, etc make that art project glow!
  • Backpack + Emergency Bag
Store all those supplies like a boss is a big satchel or backpack.
And obviously pack a emergency kit full of period supplies, makeup, extra supplies, lipchap, etc
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Thanks for reading!
~Lexi B