Hello world!
After my boyfriend stay one week in my house I realise how important me time is. Being with a person 24/7 is not as good as it seemed. It’s good, but after a while I needed a break. I got suffocated by having a person always with me, using my stuff and changing my choices. So I started to take me time more seriously. Take a time when I am free to do what I want and no one is around.

What is me time?
One hour, half an hour, one day… any time you are alone and take care of yourself, mentally or physically. Personal time.

one’s own personal time to be alone
Urban Dictionary

Why you need it?
You need to relax, to breath without anyone annoying you or telling to do something. You need to take a self care time, take a longer shower (careful with the planet), go for a walk alone or something.

  • Get fresh air and go for a walk by yourself, explore the city you live in or go to a new cafe, go to a museum, go shopping alone, do a mini road trip
  • Take selfies, put some makeup on and get dress for yourself than show everybody how beautiful you are
  • Binge watch your favourite tv show, grab a snack and get on the couch
  • Do something you like, for example, play some instrument, draw, read, write, anything
  • Take yourself on a date, have dinner or lunch alone at a restaurant, try a new restaurant maybe
  • Write in a journal, writing can be relaxing, just write your thoughts and feelings (I know it isn’t easy but try it)
  • Try something new, take a workshop or a class and learn something new
  • Clean can be a good me time activity too, declutter and organize your stuff
  • Self care, make yourself a face mask, give yourself a hair treatment, a pedicure or manicure

Here are some ideas. Have fun with yourself. Maybe you will get to know yourself a little better.

Bye world! See you next post.

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