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Something I love to do is creating oc's and ever since I started writing articles on We Heart It I have created quite a few so I decided to do an article on their aesthetics.
Hope You Enjoy!


Emma Burns

accessories, body, and clothes image me, trust, and life image clothes, fave, and goth image ear, earings, and girl image couple, love, and hands image black, determination, and warrior image
"They've taken to much from us! Now it's our turn to take everything back.
And if you don't want to do this with me then stay out of my way"


makeup, beauty, and glitter image quotes, kindness, and Harry Styles image Couture, fashion, and glamour image crown, gold, and princess image quotes, sunset, and heart image arrow, archery, and bow image
"She wasn't just beautiful, no...
She was the type of woman that made man kneel before her"

Samantha Brown

Image by little princess Inspiring Image on We Heart It grunge, memories, and friends image beauty, flower, and girls image girl, hair, and beauty image neon, light, and red image
"Yes I've meet her. Our paths have crossed once before so let me warn you.
That girl... she is as clever as the Devil and twice as pretty."

Candice Hargreeves

mirror, tumblr, and wine image eyes, aesthetic, and flowers image jacob, mind control, and seed image hair, purple, and hairstyle image dress, black, and sexy image quotes and tragedy image
"Maybe if we weren't so damaged things would be easier but don't use that as an excuse to turn on each other"

Valerie Willow

quotes image girl, brown hair, and bob cut image fashion, black, and outfit image quidditch, harry potter, and hufflepuff image piercing, ear, and style image Image by noor
"No one was more shocked then her best friends when they found out.
They couldn't understand how she saw something good in Draco Malfoy. Something that made her love him"


alternative, background, and black image hair, black, and black hair image black, fashion, and dress image storm, sky, and clouds image quotes image heels, mirror, and shoes image
"She is Melantha, Goddess of Storms, Nightmares and Ilusions.
Daughter of Eris, Goddess of Chaos, and Thanatos, God of Death.
What did you expect other then a women who could set the world on fire and convince you it was rain"

This are just my oc's from my If I were a ... tags.

I will be doing an article on my other oc's but if you are interested in seeing more of them you can do it in the collection below.

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