Monday 26, August 2019

I don’t like people who are not honest with themselves. I mean how can they deny on something when other time they agreed on it
12:12 PM

I am upset because last they all told me things you have been though.
1:45 PM

I told you this earlier that your smile hides all your pain. My heart is breaking now.
1:46 PM

I know there would be times when you want to give on everything and pretend to be unknown.
1:46 PM

How hard would have been for you to be someone you’re not?
1:47 PM

I wish I was there during that time when you’re having difficulties in life
1:48 PM

Life is not easy I know but I am sure there are a lot of time when you regret your decisions 
1:49 PM

When I told you people are mean I thought you never got to experience it because you have always been surrounded by loved ones but I was wrong in the crowd you were standing alone and smiling. Hiding all tears 
1:5 PM

Your silent scream is the loudest and I can hear it
1:52 PM

Do you think it’s too late to realise all this?
1:52 PM

The day I saw you, somewhere I could see the twinkle in your eyes were not due to happiness
1:55 PM

I wish we both find someone who can love us for who we are
1:56 PM

Why does he have to go and kiss her when he knew his best friend has a crush on her?
1:56 PM

This what it feels like to be lonely in the crowd 
1:57 PM

Without you
1:58 PM

I know we have to do things according to others to survive in this world even though we say we are doing certain things because we want to but we both know the truth 
1:59 PM

It hit hard when we realised something aren’t meant to be
2:00 PM

If they are not why do we fall in for them in the first place just to be heartbroken in the end?
2:00 PM

How you all around me when you’re not here?
2:01 PM

Nobody can touch the memories we made. 
2:02 PM

No one will see the stains on pillows. Nobody will know the pain because it hides within us. 
2:03 PM

People will always see us smiling and we have to show them we are happy because we don’t want them to taste the pleasure of our pain. 
2:05 PM

And we will continue to smile and pretend things in the past never happened 
2:05 PM

Hope you have reason to smile today
2:06 PM

Have a good day
2:06 PM

You say there's nothing left to fight for
Cause it feels like too much
2:09 PM

My heart is afraid to want more
Of the pain, I left to touch
2:10 PM

You only win if you don't give up
When everything won't be enough
Cause love is war and war is love
2:10 PM

I know where to lay
I know what to say
It’s all the same
I know how to play
I know this game
Now if I keep my eyes closed 
8:12 PM

I want to cry. Let it all out but I can’t. I can’t because I don’t want to show I am weak. I have to stay strong for my good.
8:50 PM

My heart feels heavy. It’s suffocating inside
8:51 PM

Food can make everything alright. What do you think?
9:44 PM

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