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Colourful or neutral clothes?

red, outfit, and clothes image curly hair and pink image

Jeans or sweats?

travis scott, astroworld, and fashion image Mature image
Sweats 100%, I'm always tryna be comfy.

Shorts or Skirts?

fashion, outfit, and style image pretty, summer, and instagram model image

Leggings or Yoga pants?

meme, mood, and reaction picture image meme and reaction image
I honestly don't know the difference.

Overalls or Dresses?

fashion, style, and clothes image Image removed
I like them both but don't wear either.

Shirts or tops?

fashion, clothes, and style image fashion, style, and clothes image

Long or short sleeves?

Image removed Image by Psycho Angel
Long sleeves.

Jackets or coats?

fashion, girl, and outfit image Temporarily removed

Sweatshirts or hoodies?

wolftyla image prettymuch, edwin honoret, and brandon arreaga image

Colorful or neutral underwear?

meme, reaction, and reaction pics image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Man, I don't care.

Lacy or sports bra?

90s, babe, and bad girl image rico nasty and doja cat image
Sports bras, my twins big like Tia.

Denim or Leather?

bag, belt, and denim image umi image

High heels or sneakers?

aesthetic, vans, and alternative image Temporarily removed
Sneakers, I'm really short but heels aren't it.

Ankle or knee high boots?

meme and reaction image Image removed

Purse or Backpack?

purple, backpack, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

Rings or bracelets?

tattoo and brandon arreaga image couple, love, and hands image

Earrings or Necklaces?

gold, necklace, and aesthetic image angel, necklace, and accessories image
Necklaces even though I don't wear them often.

Studs or dangle earrings?

accessoires, alternative, and girls image snake, earrings, and style image

Sliders or flip-flops?

custom, nike, and sunflower image puma, shoes, and nails image

Bikinis or Bathing Suits?

Temporarily removed Abusive image

Piercings or tattoos?

beautiful, chic, and earrings image kehlani, baby, and selfie image
Both, but only have my first lobe and I don't have any tattoos.
That's it. I like the way this one looks. Thank you for reading.
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