Some people don't understand what kids from broken home went through. Mentally and physically. Even though they try to fit in their shoes, they can't.

My folks divorced 2 years ago. It's hard, for me. As the eldest, I have to carry the weight. My brother's grades is my responsibility. Dad, he's the breadwinner of course. He doesn't care that much but he occasionally ask about my brother. We lived in separate homes. Me and my brother live with mom. I love her, with all my heart but I don't like her. I had a history with mom that I'll never forget. She goes out quite often with guys that I have no idea about. People be saying "Stay with your dad then". It's not THAT simple. I don't vibe with my dad. Only some particular stuffs but we inherently can't vibe. I don't know how to explain but I just can't.

I fall apart. I thought I accepted this fate but I never was. I'm messed up. I don't know what do I do if my parents remarry. I know, know damn well that THERE are kids who are supportive about their folks getting married to someone they never grow up with but not me. I don't want my parents to remarry. I know that they still have hope. How do I know that they have hope? No idea. That's kind of selfish and self-centred,right?

I find it depressing. Very. I cried about it sometimes. I hate how my life turned out. I hate the fact that I am THAT lady from broken home.