What's up my dudes??
I'm gonna share some of my fave songs atm with you. Get excited.

Hollywood Dreams - Post Malone

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Why isn't this song on Spotify? smh

Goodbyes - Post Malone (Feat. Young Thug)

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Post Malone is one of my all time fave artists. so good!

Younger - Ruel

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his voice is so soothing and amazing. UNDERRATED.

No Way! - Bazzi

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If u dont like Bazzi, what r u doing?

Paradise - Bazzi

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This song is amazing. his voice is so good omg.

I.F.L.Y - Bazzi

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i do. ifly

The Weekend - Funk Wav Remix - SZA, Calvin Harris

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Outta My Head - Khalid (Feat. John Mayer)

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Khalid is so freaking great! ugh i love him wow

Suncity - Khalid (Feat. Empress Of)

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Electric Feel - MGMT

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Tip: blast this song in your car, with the roof down on a late summer night

The Less I Know The Better - Tame Impala

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Such a good song. one of my faves. i love the melody and the beat.

Needs - Verzache

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Buttercup - Jack Stauber

Temporarily removed

Out Of My League - Fitz and The Tantrums

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