All credits goes to this Diamond (see what I did there? ;)) right here:

plane or boat

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both, but it depends where Iยดm going. If it's long distances, then plane. but if it's, like, exploring a town, like for example Amsterdam, then I would explore by boat.

Airbnb or hotel

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hotel. hands down, easy.

camping or glamping

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I didn't know what glamping was until I saw this post, but I would rather go camping.

city or nature

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city. hands down. I'm a city kinda gal.

group or alone

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group of friends, but my sister is my ultimate travel partner.

street food or restaurant

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night in or night out

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both kind of. i love being out with friends. but when i say i want a night out, i dont mean going out to clubs and drinking. i mean sitting outside, driving around and living life with my friends.

suitcase or backpack

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pool or ocean

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swimming or sunbathing

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swimming. sunbathing is so boring.

spontaneous or planned

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adventure or relax

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adventure. 100%.

well...that's it my dudes. have a nice day and a nice life. Xoxo